Monday, 4 November 2013

FMP pitch

At the end of last week I presented my idea for my Final Major Project. In short: Castles.

I have always been a fan of castles, cathedrals and buildings with similar architecture. During the summer I visited Raglan, Caerphilly and Chepstow Castles to gather some first hand reference. Together this trio provided a tremendous range of tiling brick textures, window frames, gates and doors. 

Initially I was intending to focus solely on the exterior but I found some beautiful interior rooms such as dining halls, chambers and staircases. 

During one of the visits I had access to a variety of  siege weapons which gave me the idea of having the level set in the aftermath of a siege. Having part of the castle wall destroyed; and perhaps revealing passageways into the interior.

In addition there were books with recreated images and cut-throughs of various portions of castles to show how the interiors would have been. 

Inbetween castle visits I also managed to gather some statue reference, you gotta have statues in a castle.

Factors I want to consider are:
- Assets
- Location
- Sounds & Effects
- Scale

The latter is crucial as I have been informed that we'll have less time then previous years.

The pitch was met with approval, which is fantastic since I did harbor worry that having only one idea would be risky. But having showed how enthusiastic I am about it and how much background research I have gathered hopefully foretells how the project will pan out when the time comes. 

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