Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ready for takeoff

So the Codemasters Brief has come to a close. On this occasion it was a hand-in that wasn't as stressful as previous occasions. In the final days of the project I had left a couple of important objectives until last but with the help of my colleagues and a bit of personal tweaking I was able to complete them and they made a huge difference to the final outcome. So here's the 'Warthog'. 

On the whole there are two features which i feel I could have significantly improved on, the first is the emptiness of the hangar, I could have filled it with an assortment of items such as missile boxes, crates ladders and drums etc. When I'd finished building the hangar it was at that point during the project that I knew I had to move onto the next process in order to stay on track.

The other was the general quality of the skybox used. It was hastily made and although it displays more or less what you would see outside, it just feels basic and unrealistic because it was all hand painted. 

In addition it seems that my choice of vehicle wasn't entirely the best in terms of sticking to the brief. The a-10 is not an entirely reflective aircraft so I cannot show off the Codemasters shaders to their maximum potential, if I had chosen one with a more reflective chrome material that what have been more ideal. But in spite of this I did enjoy creating the Warthog, and I'm pleased with the customized paint job that accompanies it. I'm also relieved that the body text and images can out at a decent level after reducing the texture sheets.

Our next project was announced on Friday. It's a character project so naturally I'm not all that confident in that field but it turns out that it has changed from last years version. We are to design a female character with a choice of African, Indian, Chinese or Japanese decent, and in addition to that it can be from any historical point up til the present day. This is a great degree of freedom here. Now I'll be honest part of me wanted to go straight for a samurai for some nice armor designs. But I now want to go for something more unique. I'm thinking of an African shaman, with an ornate tribal mask, attire and staff. Let the moodboards and research commence.

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