Wednesday, 29 January 2014

FMP: Modelling Updates

Apologies for the big gap since the last post, I've been really getting into the project. I must admit to begin with I abandoned whitebox mode and when straight into finalizing the gatehouse. I didn't bother with an interior for this since it is not the a area worth exploring, its a placeholder as a first line of defense for the front entrance.

Despite not having an interior I had to adjust it because to begin with it was only going to have two stories, ground floor for stairs entrance, however It did not look correct due to the fact that it needed another floor for the mechanism that operates the portcullis, since I haven't modeled it on the top floor. 

Raising the top half of the gatehouse allows more space
for the portcullis and the middle floor in general.

Afterwards I then produced a selection of bridges to connect to the actual castles main gate via drawbridge, I was torn between a couple of designs as I wanted to have an alleyway of statues to give a sense of grandeur and pride. 

Early ideas for entrance bridges and potential statues. 

However I have been rough ideas for the overall layout of the castle, they need to be tweaked and experimented with more until I get a layout that looks suitable.
A couple of ideas

I need to finalize this part quickly because all of my other activities have taken me off course, according to my original schedule I should be putting the whitebox in CryEngine. My work on the gatehouse should have been saved for Week 4, so I plan to finish the whitebox by the weeks end so I can get some feedback and correct it over the weekend. 

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