Wednesday, 15 January 2014

FMP: Whiteboxing

So it finally begins! I gotten straight underway with structuring the following 16 weeks and working out how much time I will need to tackle everything. Knowing my own work pace I have estimated how long each process should take me, and I hope that I will not have to overun into the next allocated weeks.

So far this week I have began with creating portions of the castle for whiteboxing, I eventually want to put them into CryEngine as soon as possible so I can get a sense of scale for my level. What I've done so far includes:

- four variations of turrets
- two types of arrow slits
- six variations of castle wall merlons

- three castle wall portions with different staircases

Of course these will not be the final versions, they'll be placeholders until I'm satisfied that I have my final layout design figured out.

In addition to this I have been looking for other examples of castle architecture online for some ideas as to how I can make the battlements more unique. The curtain walls and towers will be repeated more than any other modular parts of the castle so it would be ideal if they were more detailed or interesting. 

The most helpful online sources have been models of castles and ones people have built themselves, the most insightful were actually Minas Tirith and Helms Deep, because the author had taken close ups of particular angles of the battlements and towers; exactly what I needed.

Before I build anymore parts, I should begin designing the actual layout of the level so I'll know how many of each part I'll need and what else to whitebox. 

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