Wednesday, 29 January 2014

FMP: Icon

Naturally this whole project requires a front and a name. Flags and banners are going to one of the most frequently occurring props, and of course they are often the identity of the building and the owners; so it seems only natural that it should be the logo for this project. There will be more than one design in the level of course, but these designs are for the castle itself.

Given my desire to include animal statues in the level I felt that it should also be included in the design. Lions have always been a symbol of courage and strength throughout culture across different time periods; given their status as the King of the Jungle (despite the fact they live in Savannah and not jungles!) Due to this they are also used as symbols of royalty and stateliness.

Banner shape and icon style ideas

Initially I wanted to have the icon in a style similar to that of the Skyrim holds, for some of them the design was simple yet ever so bold.

Whenever I see the lion used in crests and coat of arms its always the whole body used; and it is altered so the figure is not anatomically correct, like a leaner body figure or a ill-shaped mane. I wished to go for a side view of the head whilst roaring, as a sign of supremacy or dominance. 

These were my original ideas however they do not appear to look correct when compared to the examples I had found during my research. The central icon is always a solid colour with minor markings to define detail and shape. I basically turned these into silhouettes. Furthermore it occurred to me that I could also have heads for the flags, and full bodies for the banners.

Lion head and bodies
Banner designs, this was before I considered using full bodies for banners, heads for flags

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