Friday, 28 February 2014

FMP: Recent Assortments

To be truthful the last week hasn't been as productive as I'd wanted it to be, I've found that I have begun to stray from my schedule which is a tad troubling. I believe the issue is that I have been switching from one task to another, not necessarily because I was bored of the previous task, but I felt that what I'd moved onto was equally important on the to-do list. 

This includes:
- The statue sketches
- Concepting wall breaches
- Tiling textures

The latter is the most important really, at this stage I have been so keen on modelling everything, which in all honesty is my favorite part of the pipeline, that I haven't been testing them out with textures applied. Especially considering others who are doing environments have textured assets at this stage as well, if I finish that for what I have already made it would be convenient as I could officially tick them off.

However here's what I slowly laid out....

I quite liked the idea of having a conveniently placed tower nearby so that during gameplay it would be easy to get back up over the wall if the battlement damage doesn't extend to the ground like in No. 1

Whilst I quite like the natural lying pose, the bottom left has a more disciplined sentry pose to it, as such I'm calling it the Sphinx pose do its resemblance. In one sense that is what these statues are, sentries guarding the bridges and entrances to gates and the keep. As well as that the shield bearer was also favored (center).

As for tilables, whilst I had plenty of first hand ones from my castle trips, I wanted to make high poly versions, so I started sculpting two brick variants and tiled them in Zbrush whilst flipping and rotating them after adding Noise. This was almost nearly never achieved since I could not find that infernal tilde key. The tutorial I followed said it was one button which failed to deliver, it was only after forum searching I learnt that it differs depending on the keyboards country of origin and it was in fact the @' button for me.

This is what I ended up with, however it was not what I had been hoping for really, it looks, well, stylized and unsuitable for an outer wall; since the bricks look as if they're barely held in place, and appear loose. And after being told they looked like fudge, and no that was genuine and no minced oath, I figured I should tone down the amount I chipped off my original cubes. Alternatively I could make a height map from the diffuse and work from there. Either way I need to slap some textures on the castle walls to see how it looks asap.

On a side note, I have whacked out some lion statue base meshes ready for sculpting, but they'll come later. 

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