Friday, 14 February 2014

FMP: Siege Weaponry

I managed to complete the catapult and ballista on Tuesday, it was a nuisance really because I still had to look up release mechanics to each of them, all of the bolts, ropes and hooks really bumped up their tris count. However it was only after I had completed these three that I realised something, something that seems to happen to me a lot, I already had the information I needed from the start or it was so easy I could have realised it sooner, I had overlooked these images from my castle visit which could have saved me HOURS of researching.....

Finally I am working on the siege towers, Film reference has been equally as handy as live models and replicas. However since there were none at the castles I visited I decided to  base mine off the ones featured in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven. I was able to find suitable images from websites featuring props used on set as well as plenty of screen grabs during the final battle of Jerusalem. 

However there were no interior shots of the tower and since I may consider using towers as efficient ways to navigate the level I wanted to feature this. On a forum featuring weapons of war through history there was this video with a brief construction of a tower which was exactly what I was after, so I shall combine this with my reference. Also had great videos on the engines I'd already gone and built! Gyah!

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