Sunday, 2 February 2014

FMP: Castellum Magnus Bestia

Many of my peers have given their Final Major Projects names at this stage, so it's high time I did the same. Now obviously I cannot call it something so simple and as boring as The Siege of Castle 'Whatever'. Castles in general are always names after their location or in rare cases after the house who lives there. 

Latin was still very much used during the Middle ages so I thought such a name would be more unique than an English translation. To begin with I looked up some translations for words I associated with lion for some ideas.

Animus > Bravery, Courage
Virtus > Power
Superdia > Pride
Magnus > Great
Leo > Lion
Bestia > Beast

There was some initial confusion since many Latin words covered more than one English word and vice versa. I wanted to avoid simple translations like Fortitiudo (strength) and other words where it was painfully obvious what the word in English was. 

Interestingly it seems that whilst there are translations for connecting words like 'of' and 'the' they don't seem to be used when used in a statement. This is handy since a title should be reasonably short and doesn't sound right if it contains too many syllables, so from this I narrowed it down to two choices.

Castellum Magnus Bestia > Castle of the Great Beast
Castellum Magnus Virtus > Castle of Great Power

I think the first option sounds better since it implies that a Lion/s actual resides somewhere within the castle.

So yeah, hence forth it shall be known as

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